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The object of this tool is to screen all patients presenting with an opioid prescription. Whether the patient is chronic or acute use, this Screening Tool will aid in identifying risk factors for opioid abuse, misuse, and/or overdose. The goal is to help pharmacists in identifying and improving interventions for ALL patients using opioids.
The benefit of completing the screening and obtaining a thorough history is imperative to our recommendations as healthcare professionals. If a patient refuses to complete survey, we recommend the pharmacy staff encourage participation for the patient’s best interest, BUT no patient is obligated to participate. We respect the pharmacist/patient relationship that your pharmacy has developed and we do not want to make patients uncomfortable, or jeopardize future patient interventions.

If the patient intake form is not fully completed, the pharmacist may use his/her judgement in evaluating the survey, if he/she feels that adequate information is completed on the survey, documentation in REDCap and recommended the ONE Program interventions can take place. If the pharmacist feels that not enough information was captured to make an informed decision about the ONE Program interventions, they can choose not to document the survey in REDCap and dispense/counsel in normal practice accordance to ND State Law in filling the prescription.

All matters with regard to REDCap should be directed to Jayme Steig: jayme.steig@ndsu.edu

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