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Enroll your pharmacy in the ONE program by completing a short survey. After processing, your pharmacy will be required to complete onboarding documents with DocStation and an email will be sent with this information.

Model: Per Screening Reimbursement

The ONE Program will be recognizing pharmacies based upon their screening performance. Bronze, Silver, and Gold certificates will be distributed as pharmacies document ONE Screenings throughout this project.

Additionally, a flat $20 reimbursement will be given per completed screening. Reimbursement of screening will require that all fields are complete; this includes documentation of patient intake form (screening) and outcomes worksheet are entered into RED Cap for each patient.

Processing Payments: Payments will be made to pharmacies every other month.
Contact: Oliver Frenzel, PharmD oliver.frenzel@ndsu.edu

ONE is an innovation designed and implemented in North Dakota with potential for impacting thousands of patients in North Dakota and across the country. Pharmacies implementing ONE have agreed to provide screening for opioid use disorder risk and for accidental overdose risk, and providing evidence-based care for all patients receiving opioid prescriptions.

In order to recognize the work of North Dakota pharmacies implementing ONE and to identify exemplary pharmacies devoted to providing the best possible care for all patients receiving opioids, implementing pharmacies will be recognized as follows. Pharmacies will move through the levels sequentially.


Center for Family Medicine in Bismarck

Hankinson Drug in Hankinson

The Medicine Shoppe in Horace

Thrifty #34 in Dickinson

Velva Drug Company in Velva

White Drug #45 in Jamestown


Corner Drug in Wahpeton

Heart of America Clinic Pharmacy in Rugby

Market Pharmacy in Minot

Medical Pharmacy Sheyenne in West Fargo

Thrifty #53 in Cavalier

Thrifty #75 in Wahpeton

Thrifty #78 in Dickinson

Thrifty #84 in Bismarck

White Drug #15 in Jamestown

White Drug #40 in Minot

White Drug #55 in Hettinger

White Drug #71 in Lisbon


Altru Family Medicine Residency Pharmacy in Grand Forks

Altrue Specialty Services in Grand Forks

Churchill Pharmacy in Bismarck

Dakota Clinic Pharmacy 32nd Ave in Fargo

Drayton Drug in Drayton

Family HealthCare Pharmacy Downtown

Family HealthCare Pharmacy South

Gateway Pharmacy in Mandan

Gateway Pharmacy North in Bismarck

Gateway Pharmacy South in Bismarck

Gateway Pharmacy Sunrise in Bismarck

Heritage Pharmacy (Gateway) in Bismarck

Prescription Center Pharmacy (Southpointe) in Fargo

Seip Drug #12 in Fargo

St. Alexius Community Pharmacy in Bismarck

St. Alexius Pharmacy in Mandan

The Medicine Shoppe 45th Ave in Fargo

The Medicine Shoppe Broadway in Fargo

The Medicine Shoppe South University in Fargo

Thrifty #5 in Bismarck

Thrifty #9 in Grand Forks

Thrifty #17 in Minot

Thrifty #39 in Fargo

Thrifty #43 in Mandan

Thrifty #46 in Fargo

Thrifty #81 in Grand Forks

Thrifty #85 in Fargo

Wall’s Health Mart in Grand Forks

Wall’s Medicine Center in Grand Forks

White Drug #50 in Rugby

White Drug #72 in Lisbon

Ye Olde Medicine Center in Park River